My practice is focused on criminal defense and traffic matters, so that I may most effectively use my experience to benefit those clients.  Within the area of criminal defense, there are several subsections in which most of my cases fall:

Felonies and Misdemeanors

Crimes and MisdemeanorsI handle all felony and misdemeanor charges.  Misdemeanor charges are usually resolved in District Court, while felonies are handled in Superior Court.  For first-time offenders with misdemeanor and drug possession charges, I can often negotiate a resolution of the case which does not result in conviction.

Driving While Impaired (DWI)

DWIDriving While Impaired is a misdemeanor offense, but can have extremely serious consequences for those convicted, and even for those merely charged but not yet convicted.  License revocation, fines of up to $4000.00, court costs, drastic insurance premium increases, community service requirements and up to two years in prison are all possible outcomes.  DWI cases often have very complicated legal issues, and with such severe penalties it is vital to have the benefit of experienced legal counsel.  I will evaluate your case for all possible defenses , and am more than willing to go to trial.  If you are charged with DWI, it is often possible to obtain a limited driving privilege during your initial license revocation period which would enable you to drive to work until your license was restored.  Even if you are convicted, you may still be eligible for such a privilege, which can dramatically decrease the hardship that these cases impose.

Speeding and Traffic Offenses

Sppeding and Traffic OffensesUnion County has seven different law enforcement agencies patrolling the roads, all of whom are very active in writing speeding tickets.  These tickets can put points on your license and cause significant insurance premium increases.  I can represent you without your needing to come to court on most minor traffic offenses, and will use my experience to avoid or minimize license points and insurance premium increases.